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Digital Market Insights Highlights

  • Extensive content coverage

    Comparable data for 25+ markets and 80+ segments

  • Broad geographical coverage

    Comparable data for 150+ countries & territories and (custom) regions

  • Relevant, up-to-date & forecasted data

    Segment-specific KPIs and 2+ yearly updates, including 5-year forecasts

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  • Unique digital market KPIs

    Unique and highly specialized KPIs such as downloads, transaction value, revenues of key players, user penetration, and average revenue per user.

  • Trend reports

    Extensive qualitative reports on the mechanisms and trends that make digital markets move and grow, including deep dives, company profiles, and start-up analyses.

  • Customer-validated data

    Ongoing interaction with, e.g., FinTech and Online Food Delivery customers allows us to continuously validate and fine-tune our data on digital markets.

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