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Within just a few years, Statista managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data. Over 1,100 visionaries, experts and doers continuously reinvent Statista, thereby constantly developing successful new products and business models.

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We believe that facts can inspire great changes and brilliant ideas for our world. We are the fact destination. Our video tells you why.

  • Marcel Grenz
    Statista offers a product I am absolutely committed to. In addition, it is very rewarding to receive so much positive feedback from my customers, which is something that also creates a great working atmosphere in the Sales department.

    Marcel Grenz, Sales Director FMCG, Retail & E-Commerce, Hamburg

  • Claude Mancini
    The Human Resources department manages all aspects relating to our company’s more than 700 employees at a total of 13 sites around the world. Statista does a lot for its employees – even far beyond the usual standards.

    Claude Mancini, Senior HR Manager

  • Julian Lindhof
    Teamwork is what defines Statista Research & Analysis. Both within and across our small teams we constantly inspire each other’s work, which lets us achieve the best possible outcome for our projects.

    Julian Lindhof, Analyst

  • Juliana Frimpong
    I simply love this place. There is such a strong team spirit and sense of unity; we all support one another.

    Juliana Frimpong, Student Assistant, Strategic Market Insights

  • Ann-Kathrin Kohl
    Trust is the foundation of Statista’s corporate culture. The freedom we enjoy gives you a true sense of responsibility and motivates you to work on your own initiative.

    Ann-Kathrin Kohl, Market Researcher, Strategic Market Insights

  • Niels Terfehr
    What I like most about working at Statista is the incredible speed at which we generate and implement new ideas. This motivates me greatly and makes it fun to come to work every day.

    Niels Terfehr, Director Research & Analysis

  • Isabell Küpper
    The different projects and deep insights into different industries never cease to surprise me. Despite the impressive size to which Statista has grown, I never get the feeling of being just “part of the crowd”.

    Isabell Küpper, Senior Graphic Designer / Presentation Designer

  • Anja Weber
    I love challenges. Nowhere else can you make such a big difference in such a short time like at Statista. The team spirit in particular makes me love going to work every day.

    Anja Weber, Finance Manager

  • Marlon Mau
    Working at Statista to me means working with people who have a sense of teamwork with a capital T. At over 700 employees strong, the company still provides a family atmosphere, and everybody is always ready to help. Flat hierarchies furthermore enable me to be involved in important decisions and have my voice heard.

    Marlon Mau, Web Designer/Developer

  • Nane Sönnichsen
    Statista truly is one big group of friends. Even as a student worker, input is always valued and one is made to feel like part of the team. Working as a full time researcher now, the change has been seamless and already I was given the chance to broaden my abilities by working in our London office for a couple of months.

    Nane Sönnichsen, Junior Researcher, Content Department UK

  • Bilal Chaudhry
    From starting out in a basement with only 4 people, now at 30 and still growing - directly contributing to Statista’s development in the UK makes me extremely proud. Great team to work with, exciting office environment, I’m looking forward to the future success of the company.

    Bilal Chaudhry, Business Development Manager, London

  • Allison Mitchell
    Statista offers a substantial amount of opportunity. Starting here as a trainee, Statista has given me not only the tools and knowledge to successfully grow and develop in my career, but has also enabled me to travel the world.

    Allison Mitchell, Key Account Manager, New York

  • Yijia Xu
    Statista for me is a place where I can enjoy collaborating with colleagues from international backgrounds who constantly support me and inspire me to realize new ideas in the daily work.

    Yijia Xu, Junior Researcher, Content Department Asia

Our locations

  • Hamburg

  • London

  • New York

  • Paris

  • Singapore

  • Amsterdam

  • Tokyo

  • Other

Hamburg – International Pure Player Surrounded by Art Deco

Some 800 employees (of more than 1,100 in total) from over 57 nations work at our headquarters located at the Brahms Kontor, a splendid Art Deco building with an extraordinary atmosphere.

All key departments such as Sales, R&A, Content, IT and Corporate Services are based there.

The office space is located in Hamburg’s beautiful city center directly opposite of the Laeiszhalle concert hall and the Planten un Blomen park. Numerous coffee shops and restaurants are located in the immediate neighborhood. Many large and small shops can be found on Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg’s main shopping street, which is just a stone’s throw from Brahms Kontor. Both subway and bus stops are located directly in front of the building.

Statista GmbH
Johannes-Brahms-Platz 1
20355 Hamburg

In July 2018 we hoisted the Statista flag on the roof of our corporate building, the Brahms‑Kontor.

London office – An expanding start-up along the Thames

In 2015, the London office opened in the heart of the city's Covent Garden, which is only a short walk from the River Thames. Five years later, the London branch moved across the river to Southwark in order to make room for an ever-growing team.

A dedicated team with 30 employees attends to our UK customers including Google, Vodafone, and Sky.

The office premises boast a stunning industrial interior and are set in close proximity to a myriad of international street food markets and restaurants. The Southwark subway station is a mere one-minute walk away, and several bus lines depart at a stop directly across from the office.

Statista Ltd.
209-215 Blackfriars Road, 5th Floor
London SE1 8NL
United Kingdom

New York – Pioneering Enterprise in the Big Apple

With 100 employees, the New York office is Statista’s largest branch abroad. The office space is located on the 30th floor, which offers our staff a magnificent view over southern Manhattan and Hudson River.

At the pure sales and marketing branch, our employees look after customers such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble and work hard at establishing Statista more and more as the No 1 provider of high-quality data in North America too.

Statista Inc.
3 World Trade Center –
175 Greenwich Street; 36th Floor
New York, NY 10007
United States

Paris Office – Start-up in the heart of the city

We've opened our newest branch office in Paris.

Located between the ‘Place de la Concorde’ and the ‘Opéra Garnier’, the office is ideally located for our sales colleagues to visit our customers around the city

Excellent connections to public transport, as well as numerous neighbourhood shops, cafes, and restaurants are among the amenities for this superb downtown location.

Statista SARL
20 rue Cambon
75001 Paris

Singapore – Statista goes east

We opened our latest branch in Marina Bay, Singapore, one of Asia’s most thriving business districts.

The office in Singapore confirms Statista’s ambition to gain a lasting foothold in Asia and to continuously expand its business there.

Statista Pte Ltd
Level 24, 138 Market Street
CapitaGreen, 048945 Singapore

Statista Benelux – Conquering the Low Countries

In 2018 Statista continued its expansion by opening its Benelux branch office. Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Benelux office is located between the city center and Schiphol Airport.

The Benelux office is a Sales & Marketing branch with customers throughout Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Current clients include the European Commission, ING, Unilever, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Google and the Port of Antwerp.

Statista GmbH
Millennium Tower, Radarweg 29
1043 NX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tokyo – Statista at the sun’s origin

Our new office in Tokyo opened in 2019 and just moved in July 2020 to Harajuku district. The area is known for its sophisticated but lively, quirky atmosphere. The new space is allowing our Japan team to grow and thrive.

The Tokyo office helps eagerly expanding our high-quality data platform to customers that drive digital transformation – in the most populated metropolitan area in the world.

Statista Japan Ltd.
A-3, 6-28-5 Jingumae, Shibuya
Tokyo 1510001

Statista GmbH
c/o Design Offices Berlin
Leipziger Platz 16
10117 Berlin

Statista Austria
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 71/2
1030 Vienna

Statista Switzerland
Dreikoenigstrasse 31a
8002 Zurich

Statista GmbH
Regus Business Centre Raadhuspladsen
Raadhuspladsen 16
1550 Copenhagen

Statista Sweden
Wallingatan 34
11 24 Stockholm

Statista GmbH
Franciszka Klimczaka 1
02-797 Warszawa

Statista Italy
Blend Tower
Piazza 4 Novembre 7
20124 Milan

Statista Spanien
c/o Monday Río
Calle Santa Engracia 23
28010 Madrid

Statista India Private Limited
WeWork Two Horizon Centre
5th Floor, DLF Two Horizon Center
DLF Phase 5
Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Statista Pte Ltd
120 Spencer St
Melbourne VIC 3000

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Our platforms

Statista.com consolidates statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources and makes it available on four platforms: German, English, French and Spanish.

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Statista Q

Statista Q is a combined provider of market research as well as research and analysis services. We help corporate customers collect and prepare market, customer and competitive information.

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Content & Design

Statista Content & Design sees itself as a research and information design agency. We create customized infographics, videos, presentations and publications in the corporate design of our customers.

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eCommerce Insights

eCommerce Insights is the starting point for market analyses, benchmarking and lead generation in the eCommerce sector. The database provides insights into detailed revenue information of 20,000 online shops worldwide.

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Consumer Insights

The Consumer Insights allow analyses of consumer behavior and media usage in the on- and offline world based on the data of 1,700,000 consumers from 56 countries and territories, who were surveyed about 50 industries and topics and 14,500 international brands.

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Market Insights

Our Market Insights cover a wide range of industries, from consumer goods to technology and mobility. We provide market sizes, forecasts, and other indicators for up to 152 countries and territories.

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Your career with us

The combination of the pioneering spirit of a start-up with the stability of an established company makes Statista an exceptional employer, which walks unconventional and innovative paths. We prefer fast decision-making, flat hierarchies and a company culture based around learning by doing – all this makes us more successful than ever.

If you would like to be a part of Statista’s success history, love challenges and have a passion for data, then Statista is the right choice for you.

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Statista is committed to sustainability

Statista has been climate neutral since June 2021. Climate change is one of the most urgent threats of our time. This is our way of contributing to the fight against climate change as a company. Together with ClimatePartner, we are offsetting our unavoidable emissions through reforestation and forest protection in Latin America. How can climate neutrality be achieved?

At Statista, environmental awareness is part of our corporate culture
Our Hamburg office has already been running on 100 percent green electricity and doing most of its accounting digitally since 2016. Beyond that, many of our employees ride their bicycles, use public transportation, or walk to get to work; they are also regularly involved in sustainable initiatives.

Together with ClimatePartner, Statista’s carbon footprint was calculated. Based on this calculation, we offset our unavoidable emissions by contributing to climate protection projects. We are happy to support the following projects in Nicaragua and Brazil.

More information about Statista’s climate neutrality and the climate protection projects supported by us is available under the ClimatePartner tracking ID 15477-2106-1001.

Reforestation in Nicaragua

Through the reforestation of the native bamboo species as well as the protection against deforestation, this project not only makes an important contribution to curbing global warming, but it also creates new opportunities for the locals.

Forest protection in Brazil

With this climate protection project, we support the long-term preservation of the Amazon rainforest. In addition to protecting the rainforest from commercial deforestation, this project also creates alternative sources of income for local families, e.g., through the trade of açaí berries.

Security and data protection

Statista’s account activation process meets the highest security requirements. All of our customers’ payment and contact details are transmitted using SSL encryption. Statista’s technical payment processing is carried out by Stripe Payments Europe Ltd. In addition to the maximum degree of security, we also offer our customers a payment process which is as convenient as possible. All services provided by Statista can be paid for via credit card and also via invoice.

Data protection and transparency are important to us. All stored individual data is anonymized and encrypted. More information about data protection can be found in our Imprint. Feel free to contact [email protected] or [email protected] (Europe support) for suggestions and criticism.

Any more questions?

For further information please download the company factsheet.

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