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Empowering people with data: Statista introduces Business Suite, simplifying its existing insights product portfolio

Statista offers statistics & reports, market insights, consumer insights, company insights, and eCommerce insights, providing direct access to data, insights, and trends on 80,000 topics from...


Metaverse impact: Statista analysts forecast sales over $191 billion in eCommerce by 2030

The Metaverse hype is betting on a future with immersive and experiential experiences. The convergence of emerging digital trends such as advancements of virtual worlds and spatial media, adoption...


Infineon tops Financial Times Diversity Leaders Ranking 2023

Click here</a></span></span></em><a title="Click here" href=""> Infineon Technologies AG, a german company, has reached the top position in the Diversity Leaders Index. The ranking, published by the Financial Times and Statista, based on an extensive online...

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