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Barbados, West Indies

Find the Best Barbados Jewelry Shopping Experience at Little Switzerland

Barbados is a hugely popular vacation destination for British, American and Canadian citizens, and there’s little wonder why. The small country in the Lesser Antilles, a group of Caribbean islands, has a rich history going back many centuries. Its gorgeous scenery includes coral reefs, amazing beaches and a huge turtle population.

Visitors to Barbados enjoy the native Bajan cuisine, a fusion of Creole, Indian and African food. They also get to hear the joyful music that permeates this culture. Popular destinations include Kensington Oval, Royal Westmoreland Golf Club and Historic Garrison Savannah, all of which speak to the importance of sports on the island.

Do you have a visit to Barbados lined up? If so, you’ll also want to stop by our watch and jewelry store to enjoy duty-free shopping. We offer the best deals in the Caribbean on our luxury goods, including the best-known brand names. For more than 60 years, Little Switzerland has been the preeminent retailer of fine watches and jewelry in the region. Visit our store and peruse our extensive selections to find the perfect treat to bring back from your vacation.

The Authorized Jewelers for the Best Brands in Barbados

We take pride in the fact that our on-hand inventory of jewelry and watches is larger than that of many U.S. or cruise line retailers. We offer the best in craftsmanship, quality and value, including our outstanding selection of brand name watches and jewelry. Our most sought-after brands include:

Have you been dreaming of a certain piece of jewelry? Vacation is the perfect opportunity to buy it — this is a time to celebrate! You are enjoying your time away from home, and you want to bring something back to remember it by. Every time you glance at your ring, bracelet or watch, you will get a pleasant memory of your fun time in Barbados.

Discover Fine Jewelry and Watches at Our Barbados Location

We have stores on 8 Caribbean islands, and each offers an exclusive financing option designed to meet your individual needs. We offer interest-free financing for six to 36 months — the more you spend, the longer you’ll have to pay off the revolving line of credit. We will also never ask you for a down payment. Apply for our financing before you come to the store in order to save valuable shopping time when you arrive.

When you shop at Little Switzerland’s luxury jewelry stores, you get another benefit, too: the knowledge and professionalism of our staff members, who all know a great deal about the jewelry and watches we carry. They can help you find the perfect piece to bring home.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your upcoming visit.